To translate is to create, carefully selecting language elements to design a new whole

Localize a Website, App, or Video Game Into Russian & Ukrainian

Whether it is


trust it to a specialized translator who'll
TRANSLATE or LOCALIZE it into Russian and Ukrainian
and will help you reach more clients or users


Website, App, & Game Localization

I'm specialized in and most enjoy WEBSITE and VIDEO GAME LOCALIZATION and IT TRANSLATION, and to break it down:

Website copies & UIs
Websites of professionals, tech & blockchain startups, creative and marketing agencies, and others
Online stores (digital products, electronics, sporting goods)
Video games (sandbox/open-world, RPGs, fantasy, puzzle, adventure, strategy, simulation, sports, historical, and mobile games)
Chatbots (scripts and UIs)
Web/Mobile apps
Keywords localization (based on SEO)
Multilingual website set-up, localization testing, & live review

If you're also seeking translation or localization into other major languages, SEO, or QA/testing, my fellow team members might be what you're looking for:

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I love nature and practicing bushcraft

I love nature and practicing bushcraft

Hi / Pryvit!

I'm a web/app/game localizer, translator, and copywriter since 2012 and team lead at the Indie Localizers Team since 2016.

As a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian, I can teach your company or product speak naturally to



\trans-ˈlā-shən di-ˈzīn\

: just a fancy name for the same old craft

Why me?

• Being a part of a large localization team enhances my experience in the field, as I can directly learn from my colleagues

•• What sets me apart is my nuanced command of English due to the 9 years in the USA

••• That allows me to more accurately render the message in English and, therefore, to more accurately translate it

•••• And I know when it's time to step away from the source and rework that particular phrase until the phrase flows naturally and feels like something a native speaker would actually say

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