The actual cost of translation can vary greatly from profject to project and will depend on the subject and complexity of your order, deadline, quality of the source files, workflow, and other factors.
Contact me, describe your project, and I'll be back shortly with a more or less exact quote.


I average 2,000-3,000 translated words/day
I average 4,000-7,000 reviewed words/day.
Translation of subtitles: From my previous experience, 1 minute of video = 130-160 words, which means 1 hour = 7,500-9,500 words. Since I translate 2,000-3,000 words/day, 1 hour of audio = 3+ days of work for me.


Success on every job, small or large, is the matter of self-respect. In my work I get to the bottom of the truth. I'll ask for clarification on every ambiguous sentence or string—the lack of context is the biggest foe.

In a field like localization, it is virtually impossible to do a proper job without asking you for clarification on strings.
In my work, plenty of times I've seen how some unfortunate translator, whose work I was reviewing, had failed to ask the client for additional context or disambiguation. I had to reach out to that client myself and fix the localization errors. With that in mind, most certainly I'll share an online spreadsheet where I will add my queries as I go. I'll ask you to check on it at your convenience and give your answers.

When you work with me your confidential information stays confidential. And, of course, it will not be disclosed at some later date, after project completion. I'm willing to sign an NDA.

I welcome early payments and I request all payments to be cleared within two weeks from project completion. This should be agreed beforehand.

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