These are some of the projects I've worked on over the past few years; items below are clickable:


Translated online courses for (English-Russian)

  1. HTML/HTML5 course
  2. Python course

Reviewed Russian translation of SUBTITLES for 3 Adobe TV training videos: 

  1. Take advantage of After Effects in Premiere Pro
  2. Consolidate and transcode to work with mixed video formats
  3. Color-correct sequences in SpeedGrade

Translated SUBTITLES for 7 IBM's movies (English-Russian): 

  1. Experience Waitless Computing in the Digital Era
  2. Redefining Digital Business: IBM zNext / IBM z13 Launch Replay (YouTube without subtitles; 3 hours, 5 parts)
  3. IBM z Systems: The New Possible (YouTube without subtitles)
  4. Open Innovation to Put Data to Work
  5. Smarter Computing: Infrastructure That Matters


Fully localized:

  1. B2B e-commerce platform for the flooring industry (into Ukrainian)
  2. Report the Abuse survey for the website of International Women’s Rights Project, IWRP (credited)—English originalUkrainian translation

Helped to localize:

  1., a translation resources website: English originalRussian localization
  2., a speech recognition web application: English originalRussian localization (credited)
  3. into Russian
  1. Penarium video game (helped to localize into Russian)
  2. Betrayer (fully into Russian)
  3. LA Cops (shooter, fully into Russian)
  4. The Room Three (puzzle, fully into Russian)
  5. Blues And Bullets I (crime thriller, fully into Russian)
  6. Real Boxing (sports, into Russian)
  7. War Dragons (into Russian)
  8. The Path of Kara (adventure, into Russian)
  9. Cars Logos Quiz HD (a mobile puzzle game)
  10. Dream League Soccer and Score! Hero (sports mobile games; localized and translated description into Russian)
  11. Knots mobile game (the store description into Ukrainian)
  12. Pavilion (puzzle, reviewed in Russian for the Indie Localizers Team; credited)
  13. Legendary Hunter VR (a VR duck hunting game) – localizer (Russian; for the Indie Localizers Team; credited)
  14. Shooty Troops – The Endless Arcade Shooter (a mobile game) – localizer (Russian, Ukrainian; for the Indie Localizers Team; credited)
  15. Tilted – A Tale of Refraction (a mobile game) – proofreader (Russian), localizer (Ukrainian; for the Indie Localizers Team; credited)
  16. Unearned Bounty (multiplayer naval combat game) – localizer (Russian, Ukrainian; for the Indie Localizers Team; credited)
  17. Yesterday (a puzzle game) – localizer (Russian, Ukrainian; for the Indie Localizers Team; credited)
  18. Divine Ascent (a strategy-puzzle game) – project lead and editor (Russian; for the Indie Localizers Team; credited)

Besides these, fully localized about a dozen large games (RPGs, fantasy, puzzle), protected by NDAs.

  1. Health Care Communication App (localized into Russian)
  2. Google I/O 2014 app (localized into Russian)
  3. SoundCloud app (localized into Russian)
  4. FinalCAD app (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  5. Hyper for YouTube app (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  6. Tagged app (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  7. WeightFit and BMI Calculator apps (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  8. Roomle App and website (helped to localize into Russian)
  9. ShareCloud app (localized into Ukrainian)
  10. Fyuse app (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  11. Ringo app (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  12. NOON VR app (helped to localize into Russian)
  13.  Jongla messaging app (localized into Ukrainian)
  14. Degoo cloud storage app (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  15. Followers+ app (localized into Ukrainian)
  16. Plaza app (helped to localize into Ukrainian)
  17. Handy app (helped with Ukrainian)

Besides the above, fully localized a couple dozen more apps which names I'm not allowed to disclose.



Translated several NEWS ARTICLES for a large Russian energy company (Russian into English)

Translated over 150 news articles for, a website on Ukrainian politics (Russian into English )



Translated a short story by a Ukrainian author



English to Russian & English to Ukrainian & Russian to English volunteer translator

Volunteered as a translator for Translators Without Borders (English-Ukrainian):

  1. A Wikipedia article: Summary on TrachomaТрахома
  2. A Wikipedia article: Summary on YawsФрамбезія
  3. A Wikipedia article: Sustainable Development GoalsЦілі сталого розвитку
  4. A news article for the CAFE: Centre For Access To Football In Europe: 2015 - A Year In Review

Other volunteer translations:

  1. News posts for a website on Japanese pop culture (manga, anime, tourism)


  1. Wrote the website copy for the Indie Localizers' website and designed it:
  2. Wrote blog posts for Indie Stash:


(not translation work per se, but helps me to stay in the loop)

Tested TM-Town Viewer, a plug-in for Trados for

Tested Deshi, a desktop application, for

Tested ZOOM and VideoTutor video tutoring software for


I enjoy glossary building, too, and I offer my Rare, Professional, and Newest English-Russian IT Terms glossary for sale on TM-Town (over 2.8K term concepts and 3K definitions), or see in MY STORE (this version has more terms).

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